Booking / information by mail : 

First of all, sorry for our English😉

The best trip is the iguanas' trip, with a lot of things to discover. During the trip,  you will be able to see the iguanas, swim in white bottoms, beaches, snorkelling, big starfish, etc. You will spend a beautiful day full of great memories !

It's better to choose the full day (9 h - 17 h) for the trip. This is the one we recommand but you can book this trip on the half day if you prefer to, or 3/4 day or 2 hours.   


  • SINGLE KAYAKS (1 paddler)
  • DOUBLE KAYAKS (2 paddlers + 1 children under 10, non-paddler and accompanying the two paddlers) 
  • TRIPLE KAYAKS  (3 paddlers)
  • FAMILIAL KAYAKS (2 paddlers + 2 children under 10, non-paddlers and accompanying the two paddlers)

You will not have guide during the trip, it's not necessary ! We'll give you all the information before the trip. We can speak a little English, and we also have English information to read for you. We can also speak : French, Deutch and Kreol. 

You will pay just before the trip. There is no restaurant on the island, so you will have to bring your own food and drinks, before arriving and starting the trip.

After the trip, we can give you some reductions in restaurants, ice cream shops, "Rhum" shops, sports shops, etc. Don't hesitate to ask !
You can also have a look at the weather, even if there is often a gap with the reality of the day in Martinique.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask by email or by phone. It will be a pleasure to answer you. 

PRICES :    You will pay just before the trip 

- 22 € per paddler for the full day
- 15 € per paddler for the half day (Free of charge for children under 10 who are non-paddling passengers)
Payment by cash or credit card
- Bring with you sunscreen, drinks, lunch picnic (on the islets), snorkel if necessary ...
- We are perfectly signposted from the Euromarché supermarket + Intersport commercial exit at ROBERT (about 2 km from the Euromarché in the direction of Savane Point) red and yellow Madinina Kayaks (with small green iguana).

- "Baguet shop" near INTERSPORT , or Euromarché (you will pass in front of the Robert) open early every day if you need to buy something to eat and drink. 

Do not hesitate to visit our website and our Facebook page !
Best regards from Martinique and see you soon ! 👋☀️